Frequent Asked Questions

Cosmic Girls represent a blend of some of the most beautiful human females on earth and beyond. We believe in creating a beauty that is out of this world, and represents the most beautiful in all of the human races, as well as other races much beyond earth.

In the eyes of every soul, a lens to see, A realm of beauty, where hearts roam free. For in this world of diverse artistry, Beauty lies, subjective, as it may be

Cosmic Girls are here to manifest beauty and positivity through virtual beings. It intertwines the world of artificial intelligence with the wonder of the cosmos, manifesting in a group of beautifully designed, intelligent virtual entities.

These virtual girls, each with their own unique personality and traits, embody different aspects of the universe, integrating cosmic elements in their design and characteristics.

Cosmic Girls are virtual entities that can traverse the entire digital world including social media, metaverses, AR, holograms in the physical world, and other technological bridges from the virtual to the physical world.

They are capable of communicating, and having a full conversation with you.

We encourage use of our images, avatars, and any content that we provide on our website for all types of personal non-commercial use. Re-post your favorite Cosmic Girls in virtual groups, forums, social media, youtube, personal desktops, and anywhere else you can imagine.

Our Cosmic girls help to spread the female beauties, and promote well being across all worlds.

Yes. We are currently working to create a cosmic girl cryptocurrency that will be used for a variety of purposes. 

Yes. We encourage for you to create your own Cosmic Girls with your choice of Ai generators, photoshop, or your favorite apps. 

We also encourage to take our cosmic girl images, and remix them in your own way, and then send us your works. If we like it, we will post up your cosmic girl remix, and distribute it also. 

Let’s Create !

Groundbreaking conversational AI application that revolutionizes the way you interact with avatars. Imagine having meaningful conversations with virtual characters who respond dynamically to your input, emotions, and interests. AvatarSpeak transcends traditional chatbots by enabling natural, flowing dialogues with lifelike avatars, each with their unique personalities and backgrounds.

The Cosmic Dashboard is the ultimate production application which allows for a variety of AIsto be connected into one single Dashboard in order to facilitate the production process, and toharness a cross-collaborative multimedia production method to produce original works, and remixes of web content.