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Star 11


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Phantasy Planet is a collection made of 10 unique pieces that unveil 10 different worlds where imagination is limitless and dreams are tangible.

This collections was inspired by space and the worlds we can only imagine. Our minds have great power. One of those powers is the imagination. Imagination has saved us from sadness and madness. Imagination is freedom. Imagination is good and bad. Imagination is future, present and past. With imagination we can be and disappear. With imagination we can live and feel.

I always like to imagine how is life in other planets, how planets look in the inside. Do they have day and night? Do they have fire, water and ice? What if it’s just everything combined?

Every time you see a piece from this collection I want you to imagine more than what you see. I want you to enter a world of endless possibilities where you can freely live and touch your dreams.


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